Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Reviewing the Guard: Part One - Picking your own

 I said "Hah! I'll never do the Guard! The world and his wife has done the Guard..." Welcome to watching me eating pie (humble, with gravy and brown sauce) picking and painting while I ruminate. The figures for you are the figures you like so, like a plastic surgeon offering you a nose job from a catalogue, pick your own. Zvezda, pictured below, do the best Guard in plastic in my opinion but they can be augmented with other figures and there are plenty out there...
PIONEER: "Where ya goin'?" RUPERT: "Jolly dee, we're off to get mown down into heaps by the Anglo-Dutch Army, protect Boney while he runs away, is sent to an island and dies of lead poisoning....Wanna come with...hmmmm? PIONEER: Aye, fine.
Zvezda definitely do the best box piccie...good reference.
 ...and handily they do the colour scheme for all poses on the back of the box so that you can weep gently when your figures look nothing like them.
 They are are good size and pack a lot of detail in.
 Wash the sprue in warm (not hot) soapy water and shake and leave to dry. The plastic is pretty hard which is handy because you have to cut the packs off the sprues separately and glue them on. CAUTION; check each pack fits the figure as the fittings are slightly different from each other.
 Also be careful when cutting the items from the sprues as bayonets and stands can get badly bent out of shape if too roughly handled. There is very little flash to worry about (about 1 figure per large sprue) usually a standing aiming figure in my sets.
 Buy enough to make the task seemingly impossible and divide them into battalions. I put them in these cups. You get 41 in a pack so you get plenty left over from a box if your battalion is 30/36. Mine are 30's so I augment the remainder with figs from other sets to make up the rest into battalions.
 Paint by the battalion...or two. Mount them on nails with blu tac, it's plenty strong enough or glue if you like. To make up the extras you need an officer, standard bearer, drummer and in my case about five or so extra marching figures. I use the bodies of Italeri 6066 French infantry standard bearers swapped with the heads of Hat Industrie Line Grenadiers and complete Line Grenadier officers and drummers as they fit in well.
 Prime with your favourite plastic primer....
 ...leave to dry overnight.
 Undercoat with your usual colour. Some use grey, light or dark, some use brown, white or cream but I use black.
Then you're ready to start. It takes a lot of time to do the prep but remember the 'P's', Proper preparation prevents p poor performance.

Next time: The gritty nitty