Monday, 21 October 2013

Intermission: Basic Basing

Based figures look good. Well d'uh. Basing figures inexpensively is also heart warming. Here is a quick guide to basing on the cheap...emphasis on CHEAP.

The supermarket or any other public facing commercial concern has an advertising budget which includes sign-age designed to last longer than the length of the offer...then it becomes rubbish. But, one man's trash is another man's useful trash, as they say....
 They are happy for you to take it away. Cultivate a tame manager as a war-gamer. They make lousy pets.
 The stuff is usually good quality. I got this for £0 which, at the time of writing, equates to $0 or no Euro's.
 Mark out the base size required into a grid. Cut the grid into strips.
 Cut the strips into I going too fast?
 chamfer the edges....thus...
 written on side up. This means you can write unit names on the other side...yes, I know it's obvious, but it took me a hard lesson to learn.
 Test figure arrangements before gluing. You might need deeper bases for different figure poses.
 So long as the frontage is uniform the depth can vary without too much trouble.
 Squeeze out the glue...anything with 'nails' in the title will do, as in 'no more' or 'hard as' or 'don't bite' etc.
 Spread with a screw driver or putty knife...I use a pallet knife because I'm posh.
 Push 'em on...
 Check arrangement and facing. I've come a cropper for not checking and found I've put them on sideways...oh, how I laughed...not.
 Pushing on the figs leaves a ridge around the figure base so, use your implement to over lap the bases slightly.
 When dry, paint the base the basic colour you want. In this case light for sandy, hot and dusty climates.
 Some folk leave it at that but there's more you can do...Paint on PVA diluted with 30% water.
 Put any colour of sand in a tray (this is very light coloured sand) and leave your base in it.
 Do a Battalion at a time...a Brigade if you like...
 After 20 mins or so knock the base on the bottom with a brush shaft or the like and you'll have a nicely textured base. You can leave it like that or go another stage. Put neat PVA in blobs (a technical term) on the dry base in a patchy pattern.
 Sit the base in your choice of flock.
 20 mins or so later knock off the excess flock...
...and stand in rows to dry. Colin's Nassau's look dashing.

We make our own flock from sawdust and dye. Cost per metric tonne 50p. Sand £1.60 per 60lb bag. Sawdust free from sawmill (just a waste product you can put through a sieve) Cold water dye or old diluted emulsion...what ever the sale price, go cheap.

So, for a grand total of, say, between £5 and £10 depending on the cost of the dye, you have a lifetimes supply of basing materials. Even if you buy the colour of flock you want you use so little it makes the enterprise very che....inexpensive.

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