Friday, 14 June 2013

Fickle Fate Flogs French Forces - Part the Last

Oh yeah! That's gotta hurt! French commander sucking his thumb in the corner because it's all gone belly up. Fortunately my thumb tastes consolingly warm. Oh, lady luck leaves a loser. Does anything go right? Of course's the end of this cautionary tale....
French cavalry division still in play even though reduced to half strength. Hanging on in there with the carry on regardless dice roll.
 It's all or nothing for the French Dragoons and Cuirassiers. Stand and get mown down or risk all?
 The intimidating Cuirassiers are fallen upon by the Prussians like wolves on a bear...
 ...taking the French on in relays. Smart thinking.
 Pound for pound a contest only Tesco can win.
 Dragoons forced to charge the hastily formed square and are batted away for an easy six.
 The successful French division pushes on up the hill taking artillery fire as they go
 Finally, the two divisions are over the bridge...will they be in time or too late...?
 The cavalry division breaks but the French commander is painfully slow to accept the truth
 Desperately the infantry throws itself at the enemy line. If the Prussians can be broken then there is a slim chance the army may break.
 The punishment meted out to the columns is fierce. Their capacity is severely reduced.
 They're through! The Allied cavalry can run amok in the enemy rear unless checked by the French artillery coming into the line.
 Guns shoot! No meaningful effect.
 Newly arrived infantry are forced into square as their first act of the combat
 Further away canon swivel to face the dawning threat...
 The column attack is checked. They look rearward to see a nightmare situation developing.
 The Allies too realise that to capitalise on their new found advantage they must give up some ground....
 ...and realign.

 The French lose the the initiative and have to go onto the defensive. The Prussian's screen the British move into a new position.

 Merciless bombardment rips the French to bits. They have no reply. Orders now 'Defend'.
 The French are stopped at the top of the hill. They have nowhere to go. The river at their backs.
 Gen. Swat d'Gnats encourages Major Hurnier to bring his guns about.
 Darkness begins to fall. They Allied cavalry pick off infantry formations caught in the open.

 Local fights for survival divide the field.
 The guns are ridden down!
 All reinforcement is to no avail. With the cavalry gone so too is manoeuvre.
 The final fling sees the British Dragoons destroy a column and two batteries before it dies itself deep in the heart of the enemy divisions squares.
 The French Divisions, decimated, form little islands to be reduced one by one.
The French commander graciously whines and says it's not fair....I could have been a contender Charlie

A break while we paint/ go on holiday/ wring out our hankies. My thanks to the usual suspects. Back in a month.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Le Boot dans le other Pied - Part the Third

 Well, M'Lords, ladies and gentlemen, you join us for the third bout of this spectacular special spectacle. The French were left last week on what is technically termed 'a sticky wicket' with all kinds of joyless shenanigans kicking of on their centre left flank...
Taking the bull by the horns and the drunkard by the earlobes "j'attack mon brave's". The columns push forward having received their attack orders.
 The Prussian cavalry reform to have another crack at their opposite numbers...numbers, indeed, being in their favour but not necessarily qualitatively.
 Pinned behind their own advancing infantry the gunners engage in some counter battery fire.
 Blown Dragoons (note donkey blown marker) hover around stout British square.
 Bereft of artillery support because of the tight ground the French use their columnar tactics to concentrate on battering through their immediate front.
 The reserves can't move fast enough for Grandchapot
 ...but they are trying...
 Fearful of the enemy cavalry lined up at right angles to the desperately fighting columns gunners haul the battery into a protective shield and hope for reinforcements...
 Gen. Tingirdle urges his men on to greater efforts..
 Suddenly we're through! The Prussian Division can't stand! Vive l'Emporeur!
 Desperate French cavalry hold off the Allied Cavalry Division and pin the infantry into squares
 Pressure is kept on the left of centre Prussian Infantry Division by very battered and weary French infantry.

 Meanwhile, the victorious division advances to secure the advantage of the high ground to its front.
 Pleased with the situation Grandchapot no longer worries over his right flank...
 ....just whether the move across the river will be in time to meet the challenge to his left...
The cost, so far, has been high. Will it all result in complete victory? Will the Allies rebound to snatch a victory yet? Was John Wayne's name really Marion? Is the 'off side' rule being abused? The answer to these and even less things you didn't know you could yawn time.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Part the Second: Revenge is looking quite sweet at the moment...

Well, it's not looking good for the French. They are trying to shift 40% of their army across a river under heavy attack from a concentrated enemy....
Prussian wing bears the brunt
 but their direct approach pays dividends
 French columns go in
 but mainly to make way for the units arriving on their right
 action is close and per Shako 2
 The French cavalry are being chewed up and spat out. On defence orders they can attack anyone within 18" but really need a change of orders to be effective, especially when out numbered...
 left flank dying to move...pun intended
 Infantry hover to exploit the cavalry gains
 Bold Prussian attacks continue...where are those ADC's?
 I'm not sure if being pushed away from the bridge itself will significantly change the situation for either side
 Orders given...
 ...for some at least...
 Fighting mixed and desperate
 even the Prussian 2nd rate stuff is getting the dice today!
 but the two French Divisions must hold
 Cavalry flank crumbling fast
 Move! move! Allez!
 This looks good for the Allies...
 It looks like the road will be cut soon and nothing can stop it
but, never say die until you have to...

More next time. Watch this space.