Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gasp! Russians beat French Shock!

...And not a picture to prove it. I'm devastated that at the hour of Russian triumph against the French tyrant we haven't a single photo. But fear not as here are some completely unrelated shots (continuing a recent theme) to go with a gushing description of the action.

 These piccies are of Ferdy's Eylau battle at the Kreigshut...anyway, listen to this! Ferdy, Big Billy, Wide Billy, Wee Colin, the Cugmiester, Ross and I had a lightning game using Shako 2 rules. It's 1807 and the Russians v the French supermen; the object was to grab both sides of a town that straddled a river before our wives caught us playing with toy soldiers and beat us to death.

 The more I play Shako 2 the more impressed I am. In two and a half hours we had a great game start to finish. The Russians got the RHS of the town almost at once and set up close defence but the LHS had to be fought for against fierce opposition. The main problem for the French investing the defended half of the town was that every time they sent messages to their cavalry wing...the messenger died. French honour was saved by an old lady on a donkey (I hesitate to say sitting on her ass) who finally got the order through. Alas it was too late to effect the support of the infantry attack.

Big Billy tried his best to address the issue by insisting that his infantry follow up his initial combat success. Alas, only cavalry can exploit in such circumstances in which case he became adamant that his forces could do this manoeuvre.We all had to explain that infantry don't have horses between their legs otherwise they would be cavalry.
Time pressed on and by move seven it was clear that General Ross had decisively, not only taken the LHS of the town but, smashed the French to his front. General Cugmiester had foiled the enemy in his attempt to envelope the left wing and that the town was firmly...ish held in the centre. It may have transpired that had the game gone on longer the RHS of the town might have been wrested from the Russians grip. This would have resulted in a draw. However, tough, the Russians won, huzzah! Long live the guy in the furry hat! And no amount of facial contortions can change it now!
Good laugh and great time had by all...winning or losing, and prospect of many more fast play games ahead.
And who knows, it may be that a campaign could spring out of Shako 2 in the future.