Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Preperation Prevents P*** Poor Performance

The excellent rule set by Fernando called 'Le Tondu' are having an outing as the first game on the revamped sand table (24 feet by 6 feet of mouldable joy) even though we've spent no time on terrain as yet. The need to play was just too great. So, before we attend another Phoenix Club event we practice PPPPP and go over the points again. What better way to whet (yes, this is a proper word....look it up) our appetite than to just chuck 1200 figures on the sand and GO.
 Guns, you gotta have guns.
Cavalry too...loads of cavalry
 OK, light cavalry as well....
 French, you gotta have the French otherwise you'd just have to find someone else to fight. And it might not be as much fun as fighting the French. You might have to fight the Spanish and that means you'd have to wait ages for them to turn up....
 Yes, yes, lots of French.
 Good, it's looking more like it now

Now then, lets throw the dice (you didn't expect us to resort to fisticuffs did you?)
More, oh, so much more, next week.