Monday, 16 August 2010

I See No Ships

At long last we launch our table..God bless her and all who play on her. It is with great thankfulness and relief that play time has been reestablished and all is well with the 20mm world.
I see no ships
 The table is 162 square feet of joy...six square feet added by removing the previous 'bite' near the door end.
 Game area added to by removal of store room. Now 60sq ft more to keep things I'll never get round to building and painting in.
I still don't see any ships
Now stuff can get properly lost in the game, not just imagined not to be there...truly lost.
Ah! there you are

Line astern of RN cruisers.....honest
told you

How embarrasing to be overhauled by an LCA, 20mm or not
now just to add 2 tons of builders sand and we're cooking with...sand. Of course, you know why I paint the surface blue but you would be amazed at the number of people that I have to explain it to.

Next time.....The star of the show.....SAND


The burning question!

Should the blogs name be changed to something easier to remember?

NO! I hear me cry. I won't know what buttons to press.