Thursday, 20 May 2010


The human wave tactic is drowning the enemies of the Motherland in blood...mainly ours, but what the hey, no plan's perfect.
 Russian tanks break through the defences and begin to turn the flank
try and hit their dice

 caught in the open German infantry is bracketed by HE and raked with MG fire
Sings "I'm so wonley..."

 Obliviuos to all but revenge the Russians sweep on
 Ah! The expected German counter attacks armour appears

 Will the heroic defenders of the glorious revolution be repulsed?
"To the right lads, to the right...more smelling salts"

 Left arm developes PzIV fingers
We must get bigger wheels for this thing...I hate the five year plan for casters
Onwards, onwards...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Incoming Tide

PBI charge following up the armour
 Time is of the essence in this game. Getting to grips with the enemy restricts his movement and his initiative in his possible responses. Easier done with RF than BKC. Having said that, RF tends to produce the spectacle of armour running willy-nilly all over the battlefield refusing to do things and acting like Italians faced with a choice of unpalatble food or unstylish clothing. BKC produces the statuesque inaction of an orders cock-up.
light stug and leave to simmer
The left hand flank assault continues. Human wave tactics employed by unimaginative Russian commander (me) in an effort to oust the German defenders from their prepared positions asap and prepare for the inevitable German counter attack.

Casualties...what casualties?

all change underwear

T34/85's play at being KV1's...wire, no problem


room for a little one?

Hans wishes he hadn't forgotten his bumper pack of anti-tank grenades
We speed towards the enemy and his, as yet, hidden repost.....more to follow.