Wednesday, 13 January 2010


The game came to an unexpected and precipitate end. Our table became more like the Crimea that originally intended. The mains pipe burst and the deluge was taller than the figures. Fortunately, they didn't need the ability to swim as the water just lapped gently around the table supports. Th fun began when getting the plumber out... "I've turned off the water...what's all this then?" "Ah, yes, well you see, it is a sand covered wargames table. I fight miniture battles on it using toy soldiers and enlisting my friends as generals...blah, blah, blah." Then the loss adjuster.. "Well it won't be cheap...and what's all this then?" "Ah, yes, well you see, it's a sand covered wargames table..." Then the salvage company chap.. "All this flooring has to come up...and what's all this then?" "Ah, yes, well you see..." Then the chippy.. "Can't do it before 2014...and what's all this then?" ""Ah, yes, well.." Then the Sparky.. "I can't get that type of cable any more...and what's all this then?" "IT'S AN INDOOR BEACH AND I WANTED TO SEE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE WITH THE TIDE IN!" "Well, I only asked..." Normal service will be resumed as soon a sanity kicks in.