Thursday, 30 December 2010

VBCW (Very British Civil War) Christmas Interlude

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas....and off we went to Tom's house?..Palace?...Aladdin's cave of modelling and war gaming treasures for a game of VBCW 28mm an alternative history scenario. Basically, for those unfamiliar with the tall tale, King Ed refuses to abdicate over foreign divorced bird, HMG falls, constitutional crisis, polarisation of opinion forces civil war between extreme and fragmented groups, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah...Here in Scotland Socialist Worker readers take up arms against Herald readers with Beano readers stuck in the middle and Peoples Friend readers knitting balaclavas for both sides (Can't readers have to wait half century for Sun to come out)

Great day had by all and here are the piccies.
Gather 'round the banner boys! We fight the capitalist system with the random results decreed by the accident of dice

Leaders will be decided by secret ballot, with election campaign of no less than 6 weeks, open to all ages and genders of persons regardless of ability, disability, stupidity,mobility and long as the don't have a posh accent

 On come Royalist group and are ambushed by Communists from woods
 Out flank wood skirmish to destroy transport and head for objective..the farm.

 Hero of the woods cornered and captured
 Everyone else stays hidden
 well hidden
'Ello, what's all this 'ere then?
 Royalists spot socialist dominating good fields of fire centre of table
 Redoubt manned (personed) and determined to fight
 Fascist militia supporting women's institute lay down fire and attempt to cross field
 Meanwhile, socialists counter attack royals coming up from woods
Follow me, I'm drunk
 and destroy unit
 After gun battle royalist charge, outflanking the defenders of the centre redoubt
No! no! Not charge, I meant run away!

 But  the out flankers are outflanked by the 1st Bn the Ironic Regt.
 Fascist attack...with incredibly light steps
 1st Bn Twinkle Toes Regt (helium coy)
Ha! Vee huns have zee farm!...bagsy all der eggs!
 German mercenaries supported by the black and tans overrun the militia holding the farm
 The game is lost but the socs still frantically try to recapture the farm despite the crazy odds
 ...and get slaughtered to a man.
"Sorry I too early for WW2?"
OK, so he has loads of cool stuff

Debrief was over nibbles, beer and chinky. Great day.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Le Tondu Familiarisation Continued

So....moving slowly along then, Napoleon's favourite adage is adhered to by the Old trousers. J'attack! Le roast boeufs watch them come on in the same old way and.......
 British movement column wheels behind 9pdr gun battery to support the occupation of the built up area at right of centre.
 Left wing cavalry clash Light KGL and Union Brigade squadrons against lancers

18th Hussars charge to the guns...only to replenish the French gunners supply of horse meat burgers.
Mon Generale! did you see how far zee busby went? And it still 'ad zee 'ead in eet!

Note to charging guns.

 French cavalry press their attacks relentlessly...
Blimey! that 'ead eet eez steel rolling.

Oui, oui, I 'eared you play charge zee last time.

 Gallant French attempt to hold the flank with their cavalry whilst using mass columns to force the issue in the centre and left of centre.
 Two columns made up of three battalions each, supported by artillery, advance past the farm
I get a horse that thinks it's a botanist

Surprise! Come and get it.

 usual cavalry repellent

tally ho!
More soon...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Preperation Prevents P*** Poor Performance

The excellent rule set by Fernando called 'Le Tondu' are having an outing as the first game on the revamped sand table (24 feet by 6 feet of mouldable joy) even though we've spent no time on terrain as yet. The need to play was just too great. So, before we attend another Phoenix Club event we practice PPPPP and go over the points again. What better way to whet (yes, this is a proper word....look it up) our appetite than to just chuck 1200 figures on the sand and GO.
 Guns, you gotta have guns.
Cavalry too...loads of cavalry
 OK, light cavalry as well....
 French, you gotta have the French otherwise you'd just have to find someone else to fight. And it might not be as much fun as fighting the French. You might have to fight the Spanish and that means you'd have to wait ages for them to turn up....
 Yes, yes, lots of French.
 Good, it's looking more like it now

Now then, lets throw the dice (you didn't expect us to resort to fisticuffs did you?)
More, oh, so much more, next week.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

While we're waiting.....

Frankly, while we're waiting to fight a new game, I thought I'd run through some previous game shots to show that big games aren't always line up and bang, bang. Sometimes it's a 'find your best position' kind of game. Here are a couple of oldies....
No street lighting in the desert

"Easy on the recoil Hans. My boss wants his truck back tomorrow"

"Left a bit..."

"I should have gone the last time we halted.."

"I spy with my little eye...."

"Very funny, two icecreams please.....push off."

Bridge over troubled water?

"Cut that out. I don't care what he called you driver..we're not bulldozing the red cap"

"And I'm tellin' ya it's this way"

"Niet comrade, horses are not like cats, they love me, I'm a Cossack."

"Hah! Just follow the tank, he says, I know where I'm going, he says."

"Yeah, yeah, I here ya...hurry up and wait"

...and so it goes.