Friday, 26 June 2009

Close encounters...

Luftwaffe still can't find ground. Fire is brought to bear on the head of the Russian tank column (with my nice new suppression markers of white dusty impacts and my yellow 'dink' hit markers).
The smoke lifts to show the OP stranger danger approaching.
Mortar team suppressed by close up small arms fire (again, pretty round splash)
A breach in the wire and a quick assault by dismounted cavalry causes hits (pretty yellow dinks) but results in troop destruction. Whole now covered by fire...cavalry call up the reserves.
Covering fire takes out AA defense...
Russians leave bodies (macabre casualty far I've only done Russian and German so, all Romanians become German at the point of death)
Close up of Russian dink and suppression.
..and just so we're not biased...

Monday, 22 June 2009

Squeezed Russians square up to square heads

The traffic jam persists and the Russian a/t guns get lucky...I smell burning...everybody out!
Observation improves Romanian situation.
Stranded recce survivors get reprieve in the smoke.
Out flanking moves by the Romanian cavalry brings them to the wire in the rear of the Russian defenses.
'Giddy up'

While German op gets into woods... Infantry gets into smoke
...and mines

Romanians and Germans get their act together and push on behind wall of smoke barrages. The Luftwaffe circles impotently as their FAC is blinded but the German infantry get in close and....finds another hidden minefield.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Axis gets serious; Smoking is bad for ones health

German recce having been successful the armour arrives to lay out the picnic. It finds a PAK front (oh! isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?) covering the mine fields and decides to swap greetings. Engineers valiantly donate blood without making too big a dent on the crop.

"Oi, indicate!"

Meanwhile back at the ranch...Romanians make a beach landing a little way behind their forward burger joint and march up the cobbled road. Smoke all over the shop makes things somewhat murky but the Russians still have one more surprise before pulling their slit trenches in after them and leaving out white stones. T34's roll toward the town.
The original smoke on the water...?
Quick, before the park and ride is full
Next week...Stuka's get 500kg bombs into officers vodka glass...Infantry swaps good news on the grassy knoll...Gymkhana arrives to deliver cutlery and much, much more...

Monday, 8 June 2009

Spelling disaster in the Crimean

The Germans wanted to spell it "Kirsch" but the Russians pronounce it "Kerch" and so the spelling B..attle begins. Never mind that there wasn't enough German or Russian kit of the right type. We are making up the up the numbers in tastefully unconventional ways.
Arriving at the seaside the Romanians recce in strength from the beach to the hedges at the edge of town with cavalry. They are greeted by a deluge of rocket and artillery fire and open a horse burger stand. Still, they get an op into the brick building (left of picture) and get their bino's out.
Ah, ha. Some Matilda II tanks, chasing some Italians across the Western Desert, turn up in time to become lend-lease material for the Red Army..."Blimey, they couldn't have run this far, could they?"
Meanwhile, bouncing along the fields, come the German recce troops.
They drive up to a sign which says MINES and decide to test the veracity of the notice by driving on...the sign is correct. Panzer's, not wishing to be left out, then decide to see if they can make the ground jump around a bit. The AA arrives to help the stranded motorist. This is all watched with growing curiosity by many unobserved eyes up on the hill.
Every hue of early PzIV wants in on the act as do many Pz38t's some PzIII's and a few Wespe SPG's pretending to be PzJI's...said we didn't have the kit. All seems to be going according to plan for the Axis; they have found marked and unmarked minefields, established a very useful OP and have arrived in significant numbers close to their objective. Tune in next time to see if Russian underwear has the capacity for all this fear and excitement...