Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Up the creek (Part Eight)

Brave Havildar and section covers retreat of the wounded
but they are caught by the advancing Pathan warriors
Officer and wounded party nearly make the compound wall
and are themselves intercepted by Zulus
The officer rallies the men and beat off the assault inflicting heavy loss on the Impi...but they watch in horror as the brave Havildar is hacked down
Meanwhile, over the water, the German native levy hack away at the brush (it being impenetrable to European troops) but why?

The little steamer races ahead to scout, Leading Seaman Fred 'Miss Marple' Haley on the prow
The Gray Funnel Line forges on despite the fusillade
but the little boat is raked stem to stern by the now alerted Pathan/Ruga Ruga combine losing the gun and many a straw hat
they exact revenge... What Ho? A steamer coming down channel...and French! The 'Chien de la Mare' poodle steamer taking US Marines on a good will tour of the water that flows out of the tiny bit of Africa the French own... Things ashore are sticky Diverted warriors attack the farmers but are shown the door
the other flank is harder pressed, although some 200 odd warriors have fallen so far less those eaten... and the dhow floats gently downstream the wounded aboard unable to steer (Dhow!) and the Pathan swimming team make the shore
but some support has at last arrived, even if from an unexpected quarter...the flowing wine, the garlic and the strains of Oklahoma rendered by the French Infantrie de la Marine (OK it's pronounced 'Eaukla'omeur') waft over the river. It is so wonderful a sight you could almost forgive them for being..well..French

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Up the creek (Part Seven)

Hurrah and hussah! These piccies open up. At last I have overcome the mysteries of the expanding photo thingy...and so to continue our story The bravest of the brave Havildar hacks his way through the enemy to evacuate the beleaguered OP/Sigs post. His actions make a gap enough to take the surviving Indian Sepoy's through toward the Mission Station.
They move quickly, taking their wounded comrades with them
Meanwhile, the returning patrol moves into the line just in time for the next wave of attacks
Speaking of which, even more natives emerge from the tree line
The farmer auxiliaries move into close order
Heedless of the noise the pride smells the tantalising flesh of horse and man
and attempt an enfilading fire to take the pressure from the defenders
Oblivious to the danger behind the farmers concentrate their fire on the flank of the natives

Friday, 20 February 2009

Yet another test

Floating boat, power off
Then under power again

Up the creek (Part Six)

The dhow is fast against the steamer but the intrepid Gurkha's leap aboard for a kukri class
and very wisely the Pathans decide to swim for it They thrash about in the water desperately reaching for the bank. The Gurkha's having re-boarded the steamer and cut away the dhow
Infuriated Pathans on the hill rake the lead boat, and the straw hat appreciation society (Jenny Agutter Section) take another casualty or so but they are quite soon out of range
Meanwhile, the 'swimming team' attract attention of the long nosed, long tailed, short legged, leather backed terrier
otherwise know as.. the crocodile
The Ruga Ruga are having a wonderful time but the German boat isn't The tribesmen just can't seem to get enough quiet to find out just who they are shooting at...a bonus might be out of the question If it stays afloat there may be no-one left to pay it anyway
The relief force steams ahead it may yet be academic

Friday, 13 February 2009

Intermission: Austerlitz in 15mm Napoleon at his best?

Bonaparte scans the ground
His men strain at the leash
Cavalry sit about getting cold
The ground is moulded from sand and kept together by a fine spray of watered down wood glue and left to dry. Then liberal amounts of talc was scattered and the heating turned off. The marshy, frozen lakes on the Russian left flank...looks cold?
The opposite flank French cavalry on the plain taunt the Russian cavalry
French right flank Russian advance
French centre advance over the frozen river towards the 'un-scaleable' heights
Russian Left makes progress Right flank Russian cavalry attacks onward and upward
French right flank counter attack Surprise! French right flank counter attack succeeds
Russian stalemate on the plain Russian Generals begin to sober up... game's up. All that is left is to hope the ground opens up and swallows us all....oops. Game played on the 200th anniversary of the battle. Thanks to contributors, players and organisers particularly Paul, Mark, Colin, Willy and all the rest. Thanks lads!